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Julie Bristow Launches Women-Focused Content Catalyst Fund (EXCLUSIVE)

Naman Ramachandran Julie Bristow, former CEO and president of Bristow Global Media (BGM), has launched The Content Catalyst Fund (CCF). The initiative will focus on content developed, delivered and designed by women and about women.Based in Canada, with an international reach, CCF will develop and invest in unscripted and scripted content, with an initial focus on unscripted.

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Julie Bristow

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Brian Steinberg Senior TV EditorWhat will it take to get movie studios to start running TV ads again? Maybe the 2020 election.Big movie backers have in recent months largely stopped running their glitzy trailers on TV.
© @Copyright HELLO! Hello! Magazine While won't be returning toe in a hurry after what happened to his character, DI Richard Poole, ITV has confirmed that he will be starring in a new crime drama -will star Ben alongside Frances de la Tour, Emma Naomi and Barney White. The synopsis reads: "Professor T is set against the stunning backdrop of one of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions, Cambridge University.

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