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Supermarket habit we've all done at some point that is actually breaking the law

Coronavirus has changed the way we shop in supermarkets for the foreseeable future and with additional restrictions now in place across Scotland, some have even reintroduced rationing on certain products. While our shopping habits have changed over the last six months, there’s one thing a lot of shoppers do that’s actually illegal - and we’re not talking face coverings.

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Katie Holmes is sure getting a taste of how dating a chef/restaurateur will mean lots of meals at all of New York’s most delicious eateries. Yet again the couple had another romantic lunch before her beau Emilio Vitolo Jr. had to work the dinner shift at his family’s restaurant, Emilio’s Ballato. The pair has been inseparable since they began dating in early September, and had yet another long, PDA filled lunch in NYC’s SoHo on Sept. 28. You can see the photos here.
hereFenn's lawyer said the defendant had an 'academic' perspective and had 'no interest' in carrying out acts of terror himself.Manchester Crown Court heard that Fenn, then 17, told officers who attended his home in March 2017 that he would 'consider their offer' of support.About three years later, on March 24, police went to the address again and seized computers and mobile phones.Other items recovered included a black flag with Arabic writing, handwritten notes in Arabic, military boots and

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