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Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners not considering COVID-19 curfew to slow virus spread

The Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners have no plans to implement a curfew despite a suggestion on Tuesday from the county's health director, Dr.

Alina Alonso, that the move could be used to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.  "We are satisfied with the ability of our healthcare network to meet the needs of our residents," board member Robert Weinroth told FOX News in a statement. "The curve was flattened, sacrifices have been made, we need to focus on rebooting our economy while

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Donald Trump has again demanded Presidential frontrunner Joe Biden be investigated for unspecified crimes, two weeks out from the election.
One week ahead of the deadline to request an absentee ballot in Pennsylvania, Democrats are significantly outpacing Republicans in ballot requests in what may be the most crucial state in a presidential election that is leaning more heavily on mail ballots than ever before because of the coronavirus pandemic.  The early numbers do not necessarily provide a window into what the final election result will be. In most years, Democrats lead in early voting and Republicans vote more on Election Day

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